WELCOME to SEQUOIA Children’s Learning Community

Outdoor-Nature/Reggio Emilia-Inspired Early Years Childcare

I am extremely happy that our community became healthy enough for us to host a public event again!
We are having an open house on July 24th and July 25th! Only 1 family will be allowed at a time and face mask/hand sanitizer will be provided at the door due to COVID-19. We are offering 1 month free tuition fee for families who sign up for Over 3 program before August 15th!

We will be offering one-month free tuition fee for Over 3 program for families registering before August 15th! (Limited to first 10 families)

Please visit http://sequoialearning.ca/announcement/ for our announcement.

Register with us now before the promotion is over!
Spots are still available but the promotion spots will run out quickly!!

S:eeking for Bette

E:mpowered Individuals

Q:uesting for Connectedness

U:nique Individuals

O:pen Mind & Heart

I:nnovative Learning

A:ppreciation for Diversity