Our Vision

To provide a safe and positive nurturing environment for children to discover their own potentials and gifts that will empower and enable them to live their lives wholeheartedly.

Our Mission


To provide a place to:

  • play learn, explore, grow, and challenge
  • learn to make connections with others and the community
  • acquire a sense of compassion
  • learn how to build security, attachment, relationships, respect with oneself and others
  • be empowered, autonomous and confident
  • learn how to problem-solve peacefully
  • appreciate the nature and learn to be part of it
  • have joy/ gratitude of life
  • acquire emotional intelligence
  • learn how to accept differences in each individual
  • discover and appreciate their own differences as an individual
  • learn how to take an ownership of oneself
  • be able to dream and pursue their own dreams


To provide a space to:

  • connect with other families
  • be part of their children’s exploration and learning
  • have new discovery of their own children
  • understand child’s development to be able to support their own children’s development/learning
  • contribute their uniqueness of family culture


To provide a space to:

  • connect and share their passion, ideas, and expertise with other colleagues, families, and children.
  • continuously learn and grow in their profession as well as a person

Educators roles for children

  • We create a safe, emotionally-nurturing, cognitively stimulating, and interactive

      environment for their discovery, exploration, and problem-solving.

  • We are a dependable and secure base for children to take risks to discover and learn
  • We provoke their wonderous minds and facilitate

We observe, provoke, facilitate and document their wonderous minds and explorations