Here are our amazing team of educators:

Victoria Lim – Program Director

Victoria Lim has years of experience working in different daycares and at a college as an Early Childhood Education instructor. As she has worked closely with young children, educators in the field, and students who are in training to become educators, she became very alert with the quality of practices in the Early years field. Her biggest passion is to reduce the gap between theories/researches in Early Years and educators’ daily practices with young children at childcare centres. Victoria Studied Psychology at UBC before pursuing Early Childhood Education at Sprott Shaw College. Victoria recognizes mining and nurturing young children’s mind and heart takes more than just doing activities and academic teaching. She has integrated Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and BC Early learning framework into the curriculum and the practice to ensure children’s holistic development is being supported.

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"I am the former ECE Coordinator and Team Lead at Sprott Shaw College. I have known Victoria Lim for approximately five years. Victoria was hired as an ECE Instructor, Practicum Supervisor, and Coordinator at Sprott Shaw College. Victoria was always willing to take on new challenges and she thrived with any task she attempted.

Victoria is passionate about working in the early childhood field. Her focus is based on the best interest of the child. She values relationships with families, colleagues, and the professional community.

Victoria is creative, innovative, and plans engaging experiences for children based on their interests and developmental needs.

Victoria goes above and beyond to ensure families are included and supported. She genuinely cares about the people she works with."


"I have known Victoria Lim for about 4 years now. We worked at the YMCA together and during that time I have seen her interactions and program planning for young children. Victoria is a warm, nurturing and thoughtful educator. She understands that children are individuals and have different needs. She plans developmentally appropriate activities for children and according to their interests. She treats the children in her care with respect and collaborates with parents to support the needs of the child.  Victoria is an asset to any team and in the field of child care.”


"I have spent the last few years working alongside Victoria Lim and I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand her love for children. What makes Victoria special goes beyond her passion for children to a deep knowledge and understanding of how children develop and grow. Her standards are extremely high because she knows and understands children and how we as adults and educators should interact and care for them. Victoria is someone very special who has a lot of love, experience, insight and expertise in the Early Childhood Education field and I am lucky to have been able to work and learn from her."

-Alisha Inch-Branches Preschool

Ning Hou – Program Manager

Ning is a fully qualified ECE who has been with Sequoia since March of 2021. Ning has studied education at SFU prior to her study in ECE and has been working in the ECE field as a lead in multiple programs for a few years. She finds herself to connect and serve better in the Early years field after studying both programs. Ning has a very calm and composed approach for young children and is able to provide educational experiences by creating relaxing and playful environment. She also shows strong leadership skills by initiating and leading the team members in the classroom.

Manraj – Operations Manager

Manraj is our Operations manager who joined our team in February 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. She is fully certified as an Early Childhood Educator and has been in the field for over 10 years. She operated a LNR daycare from home while raising her two young children. After taking a short break and her youngest child starting full time school, she decided to get back into the workforce. She enjoys working with both of our Under and Over 3 program and able to flexible support the team as needed!

Over 3 Educator

Cherry Chen

Cherry joined our SEQUOIA last year as a substitute/practicum student. She recently has completed her ECE program and now a certified educator. Cherry loves being active and provide meaningful outdoor experiences for the children. Cherry appreciates each child’s uniqueness and finds a joy in finding different things about each child every day. Cherry understands how to help children feel empowered and independent by allowing them with freedom and making their own choices.

Jaqueline Montero

Jaqueline joined our Over 3 team as a substitute educator. Prior to her journey with us at SEQUOIA, she was working at a preschool and as a nanny for numerous years. The combined experiences of providing care for individuals as well as in a group setting have allowed Jaqueline to become an attuned and attentive educator. All children love exploring Jaqueline’s activities and set-ups as she understands how to create developmentally engaging exploration opportunities!

Under 3 Educators

Marilou Go

Marilou is a fully certified Early Childhood educator with Infant/toddler and special needs qualifications. She has been working in the field for 6 years and her greatest joy is to be able to see children learning about themselves through play and see them being confident and happy. She is gifted in following and accommodating young infants and toddlers’ developmental needs tactfully.

Cristina Sayavong

Cristina has joined our Under 3 team as a certified Early Childhood Educator Assistant. Cristina is a natural artist who enjoys bringing creativity into the classroom through activities and different hands-on experiences for children. Her positive energy is a special gift not only for the children but also for the entire team at the centre. She is currently completing her practicum with us to receive a full Early Childhood Educator certification as well as Infant and toddler and Special needs certificates.