6 months – 3 years

Under 3 Program will promote the following development:

  • Attachment
  • Positive self-image
  • Ability to discover and explore the environment and oneself
  • Music/Movement
  • Verbal/Non-verbal Communication
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-assertion
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Empathy/compassion for one-self and others
  • Creativity

** Under 3 program children will be encouraged to foster such development through relationship, positive guidance, care, and nurture. Infants and Toddlers developmental and individual needs will be our priority therefore, learning and exploration opportunities will happen around their daily nap, eating, and toileting routines. Many of these skills can be practiced and supported during nap, eating, and toileting as well.

** Infants and Toddler’s diapers will be checked every 2 hours and changing time will be recorded in the bathroom

** Infants nap time will be depending on each child

Under 3 Program Daily Routine:


  • Gradual arrival and open exploration
  • Open morning snacks until 10 am
  • Small group experiences (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Outdoor exploration(trail/walk) (40 min- 60 min)


  • Lunch (indoor/outdoor)
  • Sleep, Rest, & Quiet Time (around 11:45 for Toddlers)
  • Small group experiences
  • Outdoor Exploration
  • Pick-up time/ Connecting with families

** Please note that the above routine is subject to change depending on the flow of the program/ children’s needs each day. Our priority is to follow children’s leads instead of training them to fit into pre-determined routine.

** We will try to keep the group smaller with flexibility to create a calm environment for young children so they can receive close attention of educators and can concentrate in their explorations.