3 years – 5 years

Over 3 program will promote the following development:

  • Problem-solving skills with efficiency and harmony
  • Collaborative skills
  • Language/communication
  • Empathy/compassion for one-self and others
  • Individual/social responsibility
  • Understanding and appreciating differences between individuals
  • Leadership
  • Negotiations
  • Emotional regulation
  • Positive self-image
  • Self-assertion
  • Creativity

** Children will also be encouraged to foster such skills through relationships with their peers and educators. Over 3 program children will be presented with more outdoor learning opportunities and challenges in their learning opportunities to sharpen such skills.

** All children will be allowed to anytime they are hungry and asking for food as longs as there is access to wash hands and sit down to eat safely.

** Over 3 program children will have a nap time following each child’s needs and schedule. SEQUOIA Children’s Learning employees will not forcefully put a child to a nap or wake children up in the middle of their sleep.

Curriculum Planning Process:

Each day all our educators observe children’s play and write how/what the children are exploring. Every Thursdays, the program director sits down with each team to plan how to expand on children’s interest in the following week.

Over 3 Program Daily Routine:


  • Gradual arrival and open exploration
  • Open morning snacks until 10:30am
  • Outdoor exploration/trail/walk (At least 60 mins – 90 mins)


  • Lunch(indoor/outdoor)
  • Sleep, Rest, Quiet Time: around 12pm
  • Small group experiences
  • Outdoor Exploration (At least 60 mins – 90 mins)
  • Pick-up time/ Connecting with families